Ben Hunt Sports Injury Clinic is located in Ardcavan, Wexford town. The clinic caters for sporting and non-sporting/occupational injuries. Guiding you from an initial in-depth assessment and diagnosis through the entire rehabilitation process to reach your goals. We have an on-site open plan private gym, which is a perfect space for rehabilitation and a private consultation and treatment room. 


Clinical and Online Consultations

We provide both clinical and online consultations - Feel free to reach out for more information to see what option best suits you.




"Ben was a gem in sorting out a 3-year old wrist issue. It was diagnosed and easily explained on a video call during lockdown. I got my own personalised, easy to follow exercise and care program via an app with mobile device monitoring from Ben during this time. 100% recommend." 

"After 35-years of skateboarding, I have more injuries than I could write about. I started doing Triathlons a couple of years ago but just kept running into bad injuries. My shoulder, elbow and ankle were constantly interfering with my training. Ben has helped me address all of my issues in a logical step by step manner. Rather than relying on massage or needle work like my last physio, Ben takes a proactive approach. Every time I leave his office, I have a plan for treatment that I can work into my training. His approach is modern and Innovative. Instead of thinking that I'm going to have to give up activities, I'm now planning to go harder and further than last year and Ben's treatment has a lot to do with that."

"I would 100% recommend Ben. He is a gentleman and really knows his stuff. 8-weeks ago, I had knee surgery, I have now fully recovered and am stronger than I was before. Ben created a brilliant programme where every week I gained more and more strength in my knee. Thanks Ben, I look forward to running and cycling again. I am now stronger, pain-free and confident in what I do."


“I attended Ben Hunt Sports Injury clinic after a multi-structure knee injury. From my first consultation right to the completion of my rehabilitation programme I would highly commend the professional support that I received in achieving my goals and making a full recovery.”

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